Nicolae Groza

Nicolae Groza

A painter and muralist above all as wells as an engraver, drawer and ceramist; Nicolae Groza’s solid tuition will enable him to address many graphic disciplines. Each one, through the technical limitations that it imposes on the expression of his sensitivity will not hold him back but quite the opposite, this will represent a challenge, an incentive for this perfectionist to delve more deeply into himself to make his graphic universe even more profound.

Nicolae Groza’s repertoire is extremely vast. His paintings feed on spontaneousness and explore a repertoire of personal fantasies inspired by universal myths and symbols.

About Me


After he came to Belgium in 1984, he made a fresh start. It took him several years of hard work under the excessive pressure of mixed, confused and complex feelings, going through an existential crisis, an amalgam of questioning and meditation, doubts, disappointments and illuminations.

In order to get back on track in this new cultural alveolus, he dives into anonymousness, loneliness, deprived of all standards and norms. Now, he is free of looking in any direction he wishes and that can feel disconcerting. In actual fact, this inspirational multiplicity testifies an open-mindedness to any suggestion. He can turn to the future as well as to the tracks of an unexplored past, looking for his roots, while accepting the mutation as an imperative to adapt to another horizon. He must fit into a new existence, with other traditions and cultural models. Any transfer causes a re-evaluation of all of his conceptual and expressive habits, which can sometimes be traumatising and other times dramatic.

More About Me


The latest series of works constitutes an act of meditation that the artist realises with the very tools of his art. His painting, which displays all of the characteristics of the artistic expression that is near its full maturity, passes through a brief leap, an instant of rupture and continuity at the same time prepared by the slow and multiple anterior accumulations the diversities of which, that we can now see, were only apparent for they actually converged towards the explosion, this mini big bang leading to the creation of a whole new pictorial universe.

The artist is convinced that everything that is on the horizon of existence and human understanding can be expressed in the language of painting. And if he gives his objects and his characters a strange look, if they both evoke the mystery that surrounds them as well as the one they contain, it’s because the artist strongly believes in the reality of such a mystery at the junction of the consciousness and the existence of mankind. For him, life without mystery would be nothing but an empty and bare desert, dwelled by shapeless and soulless colours.