Besides, does mystery not exist in the same way in this world that is ours on a daily basis?

In order to dive into the unseen field of unreality, the artist does not deem his paintings to necessarily abandon figurativism. The invisible exists in a necessary relationship of co-presence with the visible world. Just like Janus, the world has two indissociable faces for they are two indispensable sides of one single entity.

In certain paintings, the artist propels a dramatic figurativeness into a field where gestures implode onto the reality. He communicates his feelings in an amalgam of panic, guilt, mercy, sarcasm and desolation, metaphors of his own life seeking for his own identity that is for each one of us as various as life itself. Questioning revelation? Profound uncertainty? Painful loneliness? Tragic fate of this manimal expelled from an Eden where he was an angel, where he was God.