Life is mystery and mystery, in this interpretation, means a step on the soul’s way to knowledge, this knowledge serving the artist as a means of creation.

Fascinating and concerning, just like everything that gets us to leave habits, our daily routine and our comfort zone and transition to the “other side” of the mirror, breaking with the magical circle that protects us from mysterious and concerning shadows, Nicolae Groza’s painting suggests encountering things known by our senses and dark forces. From the latter, their presence is sometimes less than suggested, barely presumed, never descriptive. The seen and the unseen, the real and the unreal are contained in the same game that does not separate dreams from reality in a universe that owns its own coherence, that is different from ours and yet so close to the one that remains the same to him. In this universe, mystery does not switch on, does not partake, does not terrorise. It simply exists.