Nicolae Groza realises a deeply subjective chronic of the concrete world that surrounds us, motivated by his own experiences and metamorphoses. A good and bad world, alive and contradictory, each individual bearing the inevitable mask of the character interpreted on the stage of life.

On a purely pictural point of view, following a long period where ebullience and proliferation of his drawing prevailed as though he wanted to trace the map of a new world, the artist resumes violence through colours. His paintings and engravings depict strange characters, mainly linked together by the theme of “Crazy Angels”. His repertoire is rich, his elements make up a fabulous universe which he explores with his particular inspiration. Concerned with this subject, the artist displays a sensitive image filtered by knowledge and meditation. The beauty of his art is built on hesitation and the permanent alternation of its elements: precise drawing of shapes but sometimes uncertain chromatic vibration, low but surprising contrasts, subtle mixing of blur and precision. This way expression possibilities become inexhaustible and prove Nicolae Groza’s huge mobility in the utilisation of artistic language that does not transgress with gladsomeness the rigid rules of balanced composition, of classical perspective only to reintroduce at the limits of unseen and imperceptible that deepen each one of his works.